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Ultimate IR Window Tint Near You In Blythewood, SC

Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Protection With The Worlds First Luxury Window Film.

This Tint Offers 99% Heat Rejection 99.9% UV Protection Superior Optical Clarity Shatter Resistant Lifetime Warranty

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Welcome to the world of Kavaca (Ka-va-cha) Ultimate IR Window Tint, a revolutionary product that redefines automotive window tinting. This cutting-edge ceramic tint harnesses the power of nanotechnology to deliver exceptional heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection, all while maintaining crystal-clear visibility. With Kavaca Ultimate IR, you can transform your vehicle into a sanctuary of comfort and style, enhancing your driving experience like never before.

Ultimate IR Represents The Pinnacle of Window Tint Technology

Unveiling Ultimate IR Window Tint

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In the realm of automotive window tints, Kavaca Ultimate IR stands as the undisputed champion.

This innovative product is the culmination of meticulous research and development, utilizing advanced nano-ceramic technology to achieve unparalleled performance. Unlike conventional dyed films, Kavaca Ultimate IR employs a unique blend of nano-ceramic particles and infrared blocking materials, effectively shielding your vehicle from the sun’s harsh rays while maintaining exceptional clarity.

If you’re searching for the absolute best window tint available, Kavaca Ultimate IR will end your search.

Ultimate IR window tint spec sheet

Unparalleled Heat Rejection

Imagine driving on a scorching summer day, the sun’s relentless heat penetrating your vehicle’s interior. Your air conditioner is blowing the coldest air it can muster with the fan speed on maximum, yet your cars’ interior still feels like an uncomfortable sauna. With Kavaca Ultimate IR, those days are a distant memory. This remarkable tint blocks up to 99% of infrared radiation, effectively reducing interior temperatures and creating a comfortable environment for you and your passengers.

A Comfortable Interior Even On Cold Days

Imagine driving on a cold day, the sun is beaming through your windows making you uncomfortable. That heat you feel from the sun is infrared heat. Thats the type of heat that Ultimate IR window tint is renowned for blocking, allowing you to control your comfort level within the cabin of your car. 

Additionally, Ultimate IR tint will prevent heat from escaping your car through the windows and allows you car to operate more efficiently.

Superior Glare Reduction

Harsh sunlight and blinding glare can pose significant safety hazards while driving in Blythewood, SC. Kavaca Ultimate IR effectively mitigates these risks by significantly reducing glare, ensuring clear visibility and enhanced driving safety. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or cruising down sun-drenched highways, Kavaca Ultimate IR ensures a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

Comprehensive UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays are not only harmful to your skin but can also cause premature fading and deterioration of your vehicle’s interior. Kavaca Ultimate IR acts as a powerful shield against these damaging rays, blocking up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB radiation. This comprehensive protection safeguards your health, preserves your car’s interior, and extends the lifespan of your vehicle.


Leveraging cutting-edge nano eramic technology, KAVACA Ultimate IR boasts unparelleled heat rejection of up to 99%. This ensures your vehicle’s inside stays comfortable, even on the hottest days. Protect yourself from the intense heat and enjoy a refreshing interior with our Ultimate IR window film.


KAVACA Ultimate IR is offered in multiple VLTs or shades, allowing you to customize the darkness of your windows for improved privacy, or lighter shades – without compromising heat rejection.


Ultimate IR adds a refined elegance to your vehicle’s exterior, elevating its visual appeal. Tailor your car with an array of tint shades. Whether you lean towards lighter shades or darker privacy glass, we’ve got the perfect film to match your preference.


Experience unmatched protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays with KAVACA Ultimate IR window tint film.  All Kavaca window films offer 99.9% UVA and UVB protection and are rated SPF500.


By incorporating cutting-edge nanotechnology, Kavaca Ultimate IR eliminates the need for metal or crystalline components found in other  window films. This innovative approach ensures unimpeded reception of radio, cellular, and satellite signals, providing a seamless connection for all your communication needs.


KAVACA Ultimate IR is backed by a Carfax-documented lifetime warranty against adhesive failure, peeling, delamination, fading, and cracking.

High Quality Window Film For Every Preference And Every Budget

Elevate Your Window Tint Experience with Vivid Finish And Films – Professional Window Tinting Specialists.

Experience the Difference Of High Quality Automotive Window Tinting.


Offering Three Premium Window Films – Each With A Lifetime Warranty

Carbon X


Out-Performs Most Competitors Ceramic Tint

Carbon X blocks more than 75% of infrared heat. Not only does our film reduce the heat inside your vehicle, it also blocks 99%+ of UV rays.
Blythewood Window Tinting - Carbon X Tint

Ceramic IR


Blocks Up To 96% IR Heat

Protects your skin and your vehicle's interior by blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. This window film makes your glass shatter resistant.
Blythewood Window Tinting - Ceramic IR Tint

Ultimate IR


The Best Tint Available ANYWHERE

This Luxury Window Film Blocks Up To 99% of IR Heat, 99.9% of UVA and UVB Rays. It Also Makes Your Glass Shatter Resistant.
Blythewood Window Tinting - Ultimate IR Tint
Nationwide Window Tint Warranty And Personal Guarantee

At Vivid Finish And Films, all of our window films and installations have a nationwide Lifetime Warranty. If our films don’t perform as described, we’ll reinstall it at no cost. 

As an Elite Dealer, we’re the best window tint shop in Blythewood, South Carolina.

We stand behind every job we do and we guarantee your satisfaction.

See why drivers from all over South Carolina choose us for the highest quality installations with real warranties that are Carfax documented.

When you’re ready to protect your new car with a high quality window film, bring it to Vivid Finish And Films. We’re centrally located and we’re a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer. We are Central South Carolina’s exclusive installer of the highest rated window films.

All installations are performed by trained, experienced,  professionals who use quality genuine Ceramic Pro coatings and Kavaca automotive films.

At Vivid, we represent the Ceramic Pro and Kavaca brand for central South Carolina. 

Window Tint SC

Enhance Your Vehicle And Your Driving Experience

Beyond its exceptional performance, Kavaca Ultimate IR elevates your driving experience in numerous ways. Its sleek, non-reflective appearance enhances your vehicle’s aesthetics, adding a touch of sophistication and style. Moreover, Kavaca Ultimate IR is metal-free, ensuring zero signal interference for all your electronic devices.

Uncompromised Clarity

Unlike traditional dyed films that can obscure visibility, Kavaca Ultimate IR maintains exceptional clarity, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views while driving. This superior clarity is particularly beneficial at night, ensuring clear vision and enhanced safety.

Unlike the older, low quality window films, Kavaca Ultimate IR is designed to ensure that visibility remains crisp and clear. Ultimate IR ensures that you won’t have to compromise your view. This becomes especially important at night. Night driving, with its limited natural light can be challenging. Any obstruction or distortion in visibility can make it difficult to spot potential hazards or navigate the roads safely.

With Kavaca Ultimate IR, you can experience enhanced safety, primarily because of its superior clarity. This ensures that, regardless of the time of day or the lighting conditions, you can have a clear, unimpeded view of your surroundings. 

Customizable Shades for Every Preference

Kavaca Ultimate IR is available in a variety of shades, allowing you to customize the level of privacy and light transmission according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle tint or a darker shade for enhanced privacy, Kavaca Ultimate IR offers the perfect solution to suit your needs.

Lifetime Warranty for Unbeatable Confidence

Kavaca stands behind the quality and performance of its products, offering a lifetime warranty on Kavaca Ultimate IR window tint. This exceptional warranty demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the enduring performance of its products.

Kavaca IR - The Science Behind Superior Performance

Nano-Ceramic Technology

At the core of Kavaca Ultimate IR’s outstanding capabilities is its revolutionary nano-ceramic technology. Here’s a break down of what this technology entails and why it’s transformative.

Nano-ceramic Technology Explained:

1. Nano-sized Ceramic Particles: “Nano” refers to a scale that is incredibly small, specifically one billionth of a meter. When we talk about “nano-sized ceramic particles,” we’re referring to ceramic materials that have been reduced to an incredibly fine scale, allowing them to have unique properties compared to their larger counterparts.

2. Blocking Infrared Radiation: Infrared (IR) radiation is a type of energy that we feel as heat. When IR radiation strikes a surface, it gets absorbed, leading to increased temperatures. This is especially problematic in cars, where excessive heat can make the interior uncomfortable. Kavaca Ultimate IR, with its nano-ceramic particles, is specifically designed to repel up to 99% of this IR radiation, helping to keep interiors cooler.

3. Protection Against Harmful UV Rays: Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are known for their potential to harm our skin. They also cause fading or degradation to materials like car interiors or upholstery. The nano-ceramic technology in Kavaca Ultimate IR effectively blocks these harmful UV rays, providing an added layer of protection for both the vehicle’s occupants and its interiors.

4. Preserving Visible Light Transmission: Despite its impressive blocking capabilities, Kavaca Ultimate IR doesn’t compromise on visibility. The technology is engineered to allow visible light—the light spectrum our eyes detect and interpret as sight—to pass through unhindered. This ensures that while harmful rays are kept out, drivers and passengers can still enjoy clear views and natural light.

 The nano-ceramic technology embedded in Kavaca Ultimate IR is a game-changer. It marries the benefits of protection from harmful radiation with the preservation of optimal visibility. This technology showcases how advancements at the nano-scale can lead to substantial improvements in everyday products, enhancing both comfort and safety.

Superior Heat Blocking Structure

The structure of Kavaca Ultimate IR is made up of nano-ceramic particles. These particles act as tiny heat reflectors, scattering and deflecting infrared radiation away from your vehicle’s interior. This advanced film structure significantly reduces heat buildup, creating a cooler and more comfortable environment.

Effective UV Protection

The nano-ceramic particles also serve as a powerful barrier against the sun’s harmful UV rays. These particles absorb and dissipate UV radiation, preventing it from penetrating your vehicle and causing damage to your skin and interior materials.

Maintaining Optical Clarity

Unlike traditional metalized films that can interfere with electronic signals and distort visibility, Kavaca Ultimate IR’s nano-ceramic technology maintains exceptional clarity. The nano-sized particles are evenly dispersed throughout the film, ensuring uniform light transmission

Looking For Ultimate IR Window Tint Near You In Blythewood, South Carolina?

Vivid Finish And Films is the best tint shop for Ultimate IR Window Tint near you in Blythewood, SC! We represent the Ceramic Pro and Kavaca brand for central South Carolina.

Kavaca window films by Ceramic Pro have taken the world by storm with advanced technology window films that have established a new standard in the window tinting industry.

There is no better window tint available and our factory trained installers have a reputation for delivering the highest quality installations. 

The days of cheap, low quality window tint is over. Todays window films stand the test of time and provide heat blocking and UV protection benefits that old style tints never dreamed of.

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Carbon X

Window Film
$ 169 For Two Windows
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$ 39
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$ 39
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Ultimate Ceramic IR Spec Sheet

Kavaca Ultimate IR Window Film Specifications Chart

Ceramic IR Spec Sheet

Kavaca Ceramic IR Specifications Chart

Carbon X Window Tint Spec Sheet

Carbon X Window Film Specifications Sheet

What Is Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra?

Kavaca paint protection film is thermoplastic urethane  ( TPU) self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. This film can be used on airplanes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles, nearly any smooth, no-porous surface that you want to protect from nicks, scratches and chips.

Kavaca PPF (Kavaca means Armor) is specifically designed to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, stone chips, and other types of physical damage.

Within the Kavaca line, we offer two customizable types of paint protection film:

  1. Ceramic Coated/Self Healing PPF

  2. Matte Finish PPF