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Ceramic Window Tint vs Regular Window Tint Comparison

Ceramic window tint and regular window tint are popular options for car owners, but there are some key differences between the two.

Some of the key differences are:

  • Material Used
  • Life Expectancy
  • UV Protection
  • Heat Rejection
  • Shatter Resistance
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Fade Resistance

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Most window tinting shops that sell cheap window tint also provide a very fast installation. Fast, cheap window tint installations are one of the primary reasons that low grade window films bubble and delaminate. While the film itself is low-end and very susceptible to breakdown, the low quality installation causes the film to break down even faster.

At Vivid Finish And Films, we’re focused on providing a professional window tinting service that follows strict quality guidelines with high quality window films.. 

Protecting your vehicle while providing a super high quality installation is priority number one.

We also happen to have the best performing window films in the industry – outperforming every household name and popular brand on the market.

Comparing Ceramic Window Tint and Regular Window Tint - The Differences and Similarities

When choosing window tint for your car, there are two main options: ceramic and regular. Both types of tint can provide several benefits, including reduced heat entry, increased UV protection, and enhanced privacy. However, you should be aware of some key differences between the two types of tint before making your decision.

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tint is made with nano-ceramic particles that are embedded in a polymer film. These particles effectively reflect infrared (IR) radiation, which is the primary source of heat from the sun. As a result, ceramic window tint can block up to 99% of IR radiation, significantly reducing the heat entering your car. When it comes to ceramic technology, no one beats Ceramic Pro and Kavaca window films are made by Ceramic Pro. 

In addition to its superior heat rejection properties, ceramic window tint blocks nearly 100% of UV rays. This can help to protect your car’s interior from fading and damage, and it can also help to protect occupants from skin cancer.

Regular Window Tint

Regular window tint is typically made from dyed polyester or metalized film. Dyed tints rely on inks or absorptive pigments to block light, while metalized tints use a reflective layer to deflect sunlight.

Regular window tint can block some heat and UV rays but is much less effective than ceramic. Dyed tint typically blocks around 70% of UV rays, while metalized tint can block up to 99%.


Both ceramic and regular window tints can provide some privacy and reduce glare. They can also help to improve the appearance of your car.


The main difference between ceramic window tint and regular window tint is their heat rejection and UV protection performance. Ceramic window tint is significantly better in both of these areas.

In addition, ceramic window tint is more scratch-resistant and fade-resistant than regular window tint. It is also non-metallic, so it will not interfere with electronic signals.

Understanding the Technology and Quality Differences Between Ceramic Tint and Regular Tint for Your Car Windows

Regular Tint

Regular tint often referred to as dyed tint, is the more traditional option with the lowest up-front cost. It is primarily made from dyed polyester or laminate sheets that absorb visible light, resulting in a darker appearance. However, regular tint falls short in terms of heat rejection, UV protection, and material quality. It does little to block infrared radiation, which is responsible for most heat transfer through windows. Regular tint offers limited UV protection, leaving you and your passengers vulnerable to harmful UV rays.
Additionally, the inferior quality of the materials used to manufacture regular tint tends to result in fading, bubbles, and delamination in as little as one to two years.

Ceramic Tint

In contrast, ceramic tint utilizes advanced technology to provide superior performance and protection. Embedded within ceramic tint are microscopic ceramic particles that reflect and scatter infrared radiation, effectively reducing heat transfer into the vehicle. This results in a significantly cooler and more comfortable interior, especially during hot summer days. Ceramic tint also offers exceptional UV protection, blocking up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, shielding you and your passengers from the sun’s damaging effects. Additionally, ceramic tint is manufactured with much more durable materials than regular tint. Kavaca window films have a lifetime warranty documented with Carfax.
Kavaca window tint is guaranteed never to fade, bubble, or delaminate regular tint.

Ceramic Tint Features

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • UV Protection
  • Heat Rejection
  • Shatter Resistant
  • No Signal Interference

Apart from heat rejection and UV protection, ceramic tint also excels in durability and scratch resistance. The ceramic particles embedded in the film result in a more structurally sound material that can withstand everyday exposure to the sun without deteriorating. This ensures that your tint retains its clarity and performance over time, unlike regular tint, which is prone to fading, bubbling, and delaminating.

High Quality Window Tinting Service

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Offering Three Premium Window Films – Each With A Lifetime Warranty

Carbon X


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Carbon X blocks more than 75% of infrared heat. Not only does our film reduce the heat inside your vehicle, it also blocks 99%+ of UV rays.
Carbon X Window Tint

Ceramic IR


Blocks Up To 96% IR Heat

Protects your skin and your vehicle's interior by blocking 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays. This window film makes your glass shatter resistant.
Ceramic IR Window Tint

Ultimate IR


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This Luxury Window Film Blocks Up To 99% of IR Heat, 99.9% of UVA and UVB Rays. It Also Makes Your Glass Shatter Resistant.
Ultimate Ceramic IR Window Tint

Car Dealer Window Tint vs Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Film

When it comes to window tinting, many car owners turn to the options offered directly by their vehicle’s manufacturer or local car dealer. However, while these factory-installed or dealer-installed tints may seem convenient, they often fall short in terms of quality and performance compared to Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint.
Car manufacturer window tints are typically made from dyed or metalized films with limited heat rejection and UV protection. These films often fade and scratch easily, compromising their appearance and effectiveness over time. Also, metalized films can interfere with electronic devices like GPS and cell phone reception.
On the other hand, Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint utilizes advanced ceramic technology to provide superior heat rejection, UV protection, and durability. The microscopic ceramic particles embedded in the film effectively reflect and scatter infrared radiation, keeping your car cooler and more comfortable. This technology also blocks up to 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding you and your passengers from the sun’s damaging effects.
Furthermore, Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint is scratch-resistant and color-stable, ensuring that it retains its clarity and performance for years to come. This eliminates the need for frequent replacement and the associated costs.
In summary, while car manufacturer window tints offer a basic level of tinting, they lack the advanced technology and superior performance of Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint. If you prioritize comfort, safety, and long-lasting protection for your car, Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint is the clear choice.

The Unique Advantages Of Ceramic Tint vs Regular Tint

Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint stands out from regular tint in several key aspects, offering a range of unique advantages that enhance your driving experience and safeguard your vehicle. Let’s explore these advantages in detail:

  1. Superior Heat Rejection: Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint effectively blocks up to 96% of infrared radiation, significantly reducing heat transfer into your car’s interior. This means you’ll enjoy a cooler and more comfortable ride, especially during hot summer days.

  2. Exceptional UV Protection: Regular tint often falls short in UV protection, leaving you and your passengers vulnerable to harmful UVA and UVB rays. Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint, on the other hand, blocks up to 99.9% of these harmful rays, shielding you from the sun’s damaging effects and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

  3. Enhanced Clarity and Visibility: Unlike regular tint, which can be hazy and hinder visibility, Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint maintains a high level of clarity, allowing you to maintain clear sight of the road and surrounding environment. This ensures safer driving conditions, especially during low-light conditions.

  4. Exceptional Durability and Scratch Resistance: Regular tint is prone to fading, bubbling, and peeling over time. Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint, on the other hand, is engineered for durability and will never bubble, delaminate, or fade, ensuring its performance remains intact for years.

  5. Signal Interference Mitigation: Unlike metalized tints that can interfere with electronic devices, Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint promotes strong signal reception, ensuring your GPS, cell phone reception, and other electronic devices function seamlessly.

  6. Fade Resistance and Color Stability: Regular tint is susceptible to fading and color distortion, especially under prolonged exposure to sunlight. Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint retains its color and clarity over time, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and effectiveness.

  7. Enhanced Privacy and Glare Reduction: Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint effectively reduces glare from the sun and headlights of oncoming vehicles, improving your driving comfort and reducing eye strain. Additionally, it provides a degree of privacy, shielding the interior of your car from curious glances.

  8. Environmental Benefits: Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the energy consumption required for air conditioning, leading to lower fuel consumption and emissions.

  9. Increased Vehicle Value: Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint  can enhance the resale value of your vehicle by showing on your vehicle Carfax, demonstrating your commitment to quality, protection, and long-lasting performance.

  10. Peace of Mind and Warranty Coverage: Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint is backed by a comprehensive warranty that provides peace of mind and ensures your satisfaction with its performance.

In conclusion, Kavaca Ceramic IR Window Tint stands out as the superior choice for your car windows, offering a combination of advanced technology, exceptional performance, long-lasting durability, and unique advantages that enhance your driving experience and protect your vehicle.

The Quality And Value of Ceramic Window Tint - Understanding Cost And Durability

Quoting Benjamin Franklin: “The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of  low price is forgotten”.

Low-end window films and low-end installations lead to bubbles, fading, delaminating and ugly tint. No one wants ugly tint on their car. 

The cost to remove the ugly tint and re-install new tint will ultimately cost more than you would have spent to have quality tint properly installed the first time. 

When it comes to quality and value, Ceramic IR window tint is the best choice and Vivid Finish And Films is the high quality window tint installer you need.

Vivid Finish And Films represents the Ceramic Pro and Kavaca brand for central South Carolina including these cities:

Window Tint Comparison

Ultimate Ceramic IR Spec Sheet

Kavaca Ultimate IR Window Film Specifications Chart

Ceramic IR Spec Sheet

Kavaca Ceramic IR Specifications Chart

Carbon X Window Tint Spec Sheet

Carbon X Window Film Specifications Sheet

What Is Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra?

Kavaca paint protection film is thermoplastic urethane  ( TPU) self-healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. This film can be used on airplanes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles, nearly any smooth, no-porous surface that you want to protect from nicks, scratches and chips.

Kavaca PPF (Kavaca means Armor) is specifically designed to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, stone chips, and other types of physical damage.

Within the Kavaca line, we offer two customizable types of paint protection film:

  1. Ceramic Coated/Self Healing PPF

  2. Matte Finish PPF